The SCORE program

Score brings professional FSO musicians and conductors, including Music Director Christopher Zimmerman, into schools to work side-by-side with elementary, middle and high school band and orchestra students in rehearsal and performance settings.

β€œThe SCORE program is particularly valuable in this school community where most of the students are financially challenged and do not have the opportunity to receive private lessons. The musicians of the FSO provide encouragement and support to these young musicians. Their professionalism and suggestions make a huge impact on my students, prompting them to aim not only for better playing technique but also giving them a deeper perspective on the music itself. The SCORE program is an invaluable educational outreach program provided by the Fairfax Symphony.”
— Bette Gawinski, Orchestra Director, Herndon Middle School


The SCORE program is unique in that its offerings are tailored to the needs of the teacher and students who it serves, providing a number of options. Pricing varies, depending on the number of FSO musicians engaged and the length of the desired sessions. All options are free for Title 1 schools and FCPS schools with more than 40% of students receiving free or reduced lunch, but apply early as funds are limited. Use the INQUIRE Button to learn more and to determine price and availability for your desired event.

Teachers may choose from the following options:

Side-by-side rehearsal or performance - FSO instrumentalists sit in rehearsals or performances with students, demonstrating their instrument and offering pertinent technical and musical information to school material.

Conductor for Side-by-side rehearsal or performance - Conductor leads the session with students and side-by-side instrumentalist in rehearsal or performance.

Sectional - Instrumentalists work with students on school music or give a workshop on a specific set of techniques or topics.

Side-by-side sessions may be combined with sectionals and can be run during the school day, or on a FCPS Teacher Workday. Sectionals may be run over several days to ease classroom space issues and may be scheduled as needed throughout the year.

A popular way to combine the above options is to have a conductor with one instrumentalist for each different type of instrument, starting with a sectional for each instrument type and then a combined side-by-side rehearsal. If you want something simpler, request an instrumentalist to run a sectional for one or more of your instruments. Or if you are thinking bigger, create a clinic of your own design possibly on an FCPS Teacher Workday which includes sectionals on technical topics as well as specific music and have multiple rehearsals guided by an FSO conductor.



SCORE can augment existing FCPS music classes and provide technical and musical insights from professional musicians on their instrument.

SCORE can enrich the arts environment of schools which may find it difficult to offer a full arts curriculum to their students.

SCORE can stimulate and nuture a student's budding musical interest by providing one-on-one mentoring with a professional musician.


How to get your students involved

To find out more and to find out pricing and availability, please click the INQUIRE button and someone from the FSO will get in touch with you.

To initiate a SCORE session at your school, please click the APPLY button and fill out our SCORE application.

To provide the FSO feedback on your recent SCORE experience, please click the FEEDBACK and tell us what you think, both positive and negative. This will help us refine our program for the future.