Link Up: The Orchestra Moves

The FSO celebrates youth across Northern Virginia through an exciting, new music education program for elementary students, grades 3 through 5. Created by Carnegie Hall, this innovative program unites the classroom with the concert hall giving students the opportunity to explore music through a research-based, year-long curriculum of classroom activities culminating in a concert in which students perform alongside the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra (FSO). Link Up has become a model for implementing high-quality arts education in schools across the country, and we are pleased to bring this acclaimed program to Fairfax County Public Schools. This program supports teacher curricula goals, helping students build skills of math and literacy, as well as collaboration, confidence, creativity.


Click above to see teacher and student materials.

Click for Carnegie Hall Link Up website

Click for Carnegie Hall Link Up website


How Link Up Works

Teachers will receive student and teacher guides, along with audio and video resources to teach children basic music reading and to play simple pieces on recorder. The material presented can be tailored to the musical experience level of the students.

For example, in September and October a general music teacher who sees their students once a week might use the Link Up materials for 10 minutes each class to introduce the recorder, while they also teach the basics of music reading. In November they might use half of their class to start to learn the basic recorder songs provided in the Link Up material. In January, teachers can implement the more advanced version of the same pieces along with other material. The semester-long learning then leads up to culminating concert with the orchestra where the children sing and perform the basic or the advanced recorder version of the pieces they have learned. Teachers also receive personalized support from our FSO coordinator throughout the year.


The Link Up program is available to all of the elementary schools in Fairfax County. To register your school click here.

Questions? email Ilycia Silver, Education and Operations Coordinator at